Tafarkin Tsira book compelet document by Mansur Usman Sufi


The palace was lavishly adorned with all kinds of worldly pleasures and even what the eyes had never seen,

Every citizen or rich man, if he finds himself in this house, he must look down on himself and make sure that the front and the front,

If the viewer looks at a part of the house, he will see a wall that is more decorated than any other part of the house.

If the viewer looks more closely, he will see some beautiful chairs sitting on them, some ZARATAN HEROES, rulers dressed in beautiful clothes, facing each other and there was silence between them for a while.

After that, Wazir Yazid changed his voice and started speaking for the first time by opening his mouth and said, "O Rakibu, you should know that the strangers made me pay you this visit only because I informed you of someone." an event that is about to happen to you, which if you do not support me, you will lose your kingdom and your people as a whole".

In a sign of misunderstanding, King Rakibu looked at the minister and said, "O faithful minister to the Muslim king Nu'manu ibn Abbas, what bad thing is about to happen to me? I want you to inform me as soon as possible to find a solution."

He finished his speech and his mind was awakened.

Even after hearing this matter, the minister burst into laughter and when he laughed enough, he closed his mouth. to the left of the wall.

This is the issue that really bothered King Rakibu and he was surprised to hear that the minister was reciting the ritual as a Muslim, which is a complete departure from the religion of Islam.

Even when the minister took his hand from the wall, the map of the meeting room appeared, Rakibu immediately saw all the discussions that king Nu'umanu had with his councilors from the beginning to the end, then the minister showed the wall again for the second time. both the map is treated as if it never existed.

When King Rakibu saw this map, his mind was more confused than ever.

Waziri Yazid corrected his voice for the second time and said, "O Rakibu, you should know that this discussion was held to change your culture and religion that you have inherited from your parents and forefathers, and I assure you. that there must be a war between us and you,

It is your own knowledge that even if it has not been tested, a mouse is stronger than a chicken's mouth, or I said that the KING OF MANY is better than the KING OF STRENGTH, meaning that our forces are not equal to yours.

I know that right now the mind is divided and confused, but if you join me, we will be able to defeat King Numanu from the throne.

As those who are able to speak say, "With brotherhood over city" then let's combine strength and iron with the king of war, Lauzar, with some of the famous fighters of the city of Baitul-Hazwar.

We are going to attack the city in the middle of the day in order to defeat them in battle. Once we are victorious, I will place the throne of King Nu'manu, the king of war, Lauzar will continue to hold the position of minister, you and your people will also continue with your customs and religion without any problems".

Even after hearing this long explanation from the minister's mouth, King Rakibu's mind was troubled more than anyone else. At that time, he felt as if he was deaf and shouted in a short time.

He turned the matter over in his mind and decided this and resolved that.

The first thing that confused his mind was that he confirmed that if he fought against King Nu'manu, he would never win because the eyes are not the intention but they are valuable.

The second thing is that he will now accept the religion of Islam, which is definitely the true religion based on the PATH OF SALVATION, in fact, doing so will save King Nu'manu from the evil plans and the evil plans of the minister Yazid.

Is it now that I will allow my religion that I inherited from my parents and grandparents, this is a big shame for me.

In the same way, Rakibu continued to analyze the situation until he finally decided to obey the minister Yazid because he would never leave his legacy, which he confirmed was nothing but the AJALI TURBAR.

Rakibu gathered his attention to the minister and looked at him and said, "O Yazid, I certainly agree with your decision now, without wasting time, in the night before the break of dawn, he will complete the assembly of my WARRIORS".

Upon hearing this matter, Wazir Yazid was filled with great joy because he saw that he was close to fulfilling his dream of holding the throne of the city of Zainul-Ansar.

They are running as if their feet are going to lie because of the extreme speed to save their lives.

Young children, male and female, whose age does not exceed ten years,

They were running in a small forest with tall trees, mountains and streams,

They were running and suddenly they saw a twisted lion come out of the dark trees of the forest and appeared to them growling and raising his legs up, they just pulled over and stopped! like some demigods all of them surrendered that life has now come to an end,

When he was about three feet away, the lion suddenly caught up with them and they saw him rise up as if he was being pulled by a hook and then he fell to the ground in a very defeated way. He punched her in the neck and broke her bow! He fell to the ground dead and did not breathe,

Filled with great surprise, they looked at her and marveled at her sacrifice and the efforts she made to save their lives.

She was surprised to see them in this dangerous forest as young children who should be sitting in front of their parents.

While they were in this situation, the army of King Lamsarul-Azlam approached the place in Sukwane on horses.

When the two children fell in love with them immediately they began to shed tears,

The incident that made the woman who saved her life understand that the forces are trying to harm them because of this they came into the forest to escape.

Even when she understood that, she just opened her eyes and recited some spells, closing her mouth and disappearing with the boy as if they never existed.

In great frustration and sadness, President Hukaiza and other troops pulled their horses and stopped.

Hukaiza then took the holy mirror and wiped it with his left hand with the intention of conducting an investigation but he only heard that he was pulled up from his horse and was raped on the ground.

This is a matter that has greatly confused the minds of the forces because since they have their own leader this has never happened before.


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  • Every time the world changes its style and order, the most appropriate thing for every intelligent person is to change his life and the way the world is in order to gain strength and wisdom. 
  • Based on this reason, he made us bring you a famous book titled TAFARKIN TSIRA to help you know the state of the world and the changes that have occurred. 
  • One of the heroes who played a role in the art fairs of the Hausa tribe of the world, that is the king of Hausa writers, wrote this book for the benefit of the Hausa people around the world.
  • Our book since the 1st and 2nd is free, there is no money.


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