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When will you come out to me, girl? What kind of person am I since he is waiting for you to lie down?"

    She came out of the room looking at Inaa

     "If I go outside, what will I do? Please let me be upset, I'm sorry"

    She was speechless looking at her

       "Nafisa, why do you want to come here?"

 Sitting next to her, her soul disappeared

    "Oh, Auta girl, you know how to humiliate people, it's not good, and you've been waiting for you since you came to help. Wait for 10 minutes before you come back."

     She smiled bravely and got up to go outside

 She called Kira

 "Nafisa, where are you going to hear this without a veil?

    She looked at her body

    "If you don't let me do that, I won't listen."

        She did not wait for her to speak and left the house

    Oh, I'm Suwaiba, that girl will never lose her mind

 She went out and looked around to see what was in the car

 "Yes, that person looked down on me because he saw me and wanted to get into the car. I'm not a bad person. I'll take care of you now."

       She looked at the window and looked at Dutse and she was smiling evilly

 "If you don't come out son of God, you don't come out for nothing"

        Throw a stone at him and make him break the stone and call him

 He got up

  "What the hell...! This bastard would do that to me"

  Look at his phone, it's broken...

 He got out of the car and closed the door with metal

   He went around and found Nafisa with steel and raised his hand. Zai slapped her when she saw Nafisa and stopped.

   His hands are fighting to look at his soul and he is missing. There is no glass and it bothers him. The phone is broken because it is important to her.

     Hanunshi lowered his hand as he felt sad

    Looking at him was a step because she was scared and cried

   Shikiwa lost what it was like to look at her.

 If not property, what will he do with this girl and in the position of a woman, he has a small muscle..!!!

 Spit or why he will marry Nafisa, let's just go and see how it will be

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