Sarautar mutuwa book 1 by Mansur Usman Sufi

Author Mansur Usman Sufi
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Date 24 June 2023
Group Zauren Sufi Novels
Tages Adventure


          In the second century AD, after the First World War, there was a small city named Zawatur-Ifdar in northern Arabia. 
The city of Zawatul-Ifdar is thriving in terms of commerce, agriculture, breeding and economic strength. The king who ruled the city was of great stature and the famous Attajiri was known as Lazwar ibn Kaulat. 
             In the entire Arabian continent, there is no mage as famous as him, which is why he was able to gain fame among the kings of the mainland. These things gathered by King Raziwa are all related to the power of magic, and the wealth including the power of the kingdom is in vain, because the night is the sun, I locked the ground in his seat and wept in frustration and sorrow until his maid and He drank together and he got sleepy.
             Nothing could make a king weep over it except for one reason. This is because of his research based on the existence of idols, he found that unless he broke the magic spell given to him by King Dawazu, he would never be able to give birth to any woman. If he moves house on purpose and meets another woman, even a maid who holds all the secrets and property of his idol, he will eventually become a poor man. For five years, Sarki Lazwar grieved day and night. 
             Sudden! One day King Razwal was heard laughing out loud, and his laughter filled the entire palace. Al, here's what surprised everyone. 
 Because today, in five years, she has never heard King Raziwa laugh What people don't know is that it was no stranger who made the king laugh. 
 Because today he found the way to destroy the magic cast on him by his rival Sarkidawazu. The first thing he will have is the tears of the dead monsters living in the forest of Darul-shatir.
              The second thing is the Holy Spirit, Bokanya Lazira spent twelve years weaving Tsafin cloth to fulfill her dream of raising her grandfather, the Witch King, from the grave so that he could tell her some magical secrets with which she would rule the world. The third thing is the Bahardava sea, the Bahardava sea in the west and east of the world has many kinds of dangerous fish and snakes, numbering half a million, between the strength and strength of the dam. 
            One of the most abundant fish. a thousand people. The fourth piece is the cloak of the king of wizards in the world, the wizard of Murkatur-Azab. 
             This cloak is currently kept in his palace at the bottom of the Red Sea. Wizards, wizards and fortune-tellers have confirmed that there is currently no world Other places and disasters on Earth are like the palaces of the wizard kings of the world. The last thing is the heroine Sharifa Bintu Usman. 
  •  Sharifah is currently enslaved in the Emirate of Istanbul as a parentless Baiwa, and he died as a result of his slavery in the Emirate.
  •  Only Sharifa's talent can help him succeed in having those things. When King Lazwar knew about this he was very happy but what disturbed him was the presence of his idol and he explained to him that he would never be able to meet Baiwa Sharifa so he explained to her his need for her to help him Having acquired those things, he turned himself into a slave and served under the kingdom for many years. 
  •  And even if it was a woman's request, Bai Vasherifa didn't need to agree to his request, because she had lost all the happiness in her life.
  •  At the end of the day, King Razwal had been preparing to go to Istanbul since early in the morning, and while the sun was shining, his plan was completed!
  •  In terms of things, it includes maids, soldiers, and servants. There, people, overcrowded, no problem, human heads are rotting as far as the eye can see, like a giant scale. 

Everyone is waiting for the appearance of King Razwal to see who will give up the throne to He stayed in this situation for about thirty seconds, and then heard a whistle, a whistle.
 From there, Sarki Lazwar came with his entourage, dressed in the most luxurious clothes, and they treated him well. 
Immediately he calmed down on his throne, stood up and faced the crowd and said, "Lord, O people of my palace, you should know that today I am going on a long journey to find something that can cure my disease. 
King Darwazu's enemy magic." He did to me According to tradition in this kingdom, the king himself chooses who will succeed him on the throne. 
 According to my analysis and predictions, no one can be trusted with the throne of this city except Mayor Aslan. As soon as the name of the man was heard, the palace was filled with cheers and cheers, as it was seen that Shekien was freed from the tyrannical rule of King Radzwal. 
 Alas, those who can speak must be right, they say ignorance is better than night, because people know who is the mayor of Yasir, they like Papaya Sarki Lazwar a hundred times. After Razwal ascended the throne, King Razwal opened his mouth three times and called out to the devil.
 As soon as he closed his mouth, he saw a gigantic monster descending from the sky. Everyone was immediately confused, as if they had foreseen their own death, and fled in all directions. 
Then he raised his head, looked politely at King Razwaal, and said aloud in a voice like the braying of a donkey: "O world, I have answered your call. 
         What do you need, my leader?" King Razwal was very proud when he heard that the demon mentioned that he was the master of the world.
 Razwaal said in a dark voice: "Hey, Zalladon Leal, you know, the reason I called you here is because you took me and my team on a very dangerous trip. 
            But I want you to know that this is your last job, and I will free you from my slavery. 
 But after hearing this from King Raziwa, the demon Zaradon-Lyal laughed out loud, and his laughter caused a huge earthquake, and people began to perish. 
 He just kept his mouth shut and everything was fine. 
             Wasting no time, King Razwal's party rode on the head of the demon Za'aratun-layal who joined the king of the city battle, and some of the king's two servants sat down and put food on it. 
             Then the demon Za'aratun-layal tried to fly up, flapping its wings and flying among the clouds while fleeing as people waved at them until they saw them. 
 It took seven hours to walk the sky, bursting through the clouds at high speed like a comet. 
            When it is full, the demon Zaaratun-layal releases its wings and lands on the ground. Where he landed, he found a forest, and since entering the forest, there was a different kind of fear, and everyone drank his blood, because it was a dollar to find something harmful in it.
           In this situation, they suddenly saw some arrows falling down the hillside. 
Although King Razwaal was skilled, the arrows killed more than a hundred people before they could make a move.
 This is what angered King Razwaal, he chanted some spells, but unexpectedly, it turned into smoke.
 This was something that surprised and puzzled him. He just drew his sword and looked around the forest angrily.

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