Kogon Annoba book 1 by Mansur Usman Sufi

Book One 


        King Siyamul Ansar bin Fanan Siri is the unparalleled famous king and rich man in the Baituwashir continent.
 He had only one beautiful wife named NUZRA BIN SHA'ARAN and there was nothing in King Siyamul Ansar's life that he didn't want to lose except no children.
 Despite how much wealth and power he possessed, his rise was in vain as there was no one to succeed him to the throne
For this problem of infertility, he visited at least a hundred witch doctors, but one year, he visited a witch doctor named Zurval in Kuba City.
 When King Siyamul Ansar confronted the sorceress Zulwal complaining that she had no children, the sorceress Zulwal laughed so hard that she fell off the chair he was sitting on and her eyes filled with tears.
That's what made King Siyamul answer
He got angry and yelled at Bocazurva, saying to him, "What's the matter with that laugh?"
 He spoke for the first time, in a voice like a donkey braying, and said, "King of kings, don't worry, you should know you're all right."
 This makes me laugh because you let yourself express your claim to you, king with full powers, I know your wife may be now
 I'm about to get pregnant and she's about to give birth, and I'm happy to inform you that she's going to have two babies, a woman and a boy. Talk about the ones you're dead on.
 When the soothsayer Zurwar came here to give a speech, King Shyamul Ansar's heart became more confused than ever. He looked at the soothsayer Zurwar and said, "O king of soothsayers, can't I live Are you going to have a baby?" Could it be a bad boy? .
 The wizard Zulwar went away, saying that the nib had dried up, and indeed, even in this matter, this Amari would be the same, and King Shyamul Ansar bowed his head.
 He fell into deep thought, and the first thing he thought of was that there is no other way but to be happy with these children who are about to be born, because they will be your eternal descendants.
 Even if they are your death, if someone else inherits your throne, he says his son is inside you, another heart says you should keep investigating. It is said that when a man's son becomes king it will be his death that Siyamul Ansar appears in his mind.
 Then he looked up at the sorceress Zurval and said, I am absolutely sure that my children will be my last, if only they are not my last.
 Because it's hard to say, King Siyamul Ansar was overjoyed, took a lot of wealth, and opened the mage Zulwal, so the mage Zulwal kept rolling on the ground, like


Who gets dementia because he never got much wealth in his life, he has great desire for wealth, he wants to mix some magic medicine in it from that day
            King Siyamul Ansar was so happy that he was not separated from his wife Nuzra day and night.
She gave birth to two beautiful children, a girl and a boy who were named NAZMAR and HULAISA
Not to mention the joy in the palace, because on this day he distributes the wealth and releases the slaves, and prepares for the celebration twenty days later.
          All the kings of the world came to the city to congratulate him, which made this time no matter how humble a person was, they would all be bribed for happiness
           He had become king and there was no one to advise him but the wizard Zulwal, and those who spoke must be right when they said he would not stop coming, but he was not abandoned for long.
        Prince Nazmar and Princess Hulaisha are three years old in the world, because their physical condition is the same as that of their father.
 Now that they're that age, they show anger at not being able to be alone or being locked in a room.
           Then they'll create conflict between the forces that protect them, and then they'll leave the kingdom, because there was a time when they went They provoked a big tiger, which followed them to the city, killed people non-stop, cut off its forehead and found it, and treated the tiger's head.
          Six years ago, Nazma and Hulaisa went to the City of Thirty Plagues and all When this happens, the community suffers loss of life and property
 It will surprise you because they are Prince Nazmal
The wealth of the country has increased but the people are not stable because they always see Prince Nazmal and they will cause disaster.
 It will be their death or loss of property, King Siyamul Ansar puts all his strength to protect them, Prince
         With wisdom and skill, whenever Prince Nazmar remembered that they were.
 That was the death of Prince Nazmar and he was devastated until he shed tears among the people of the city even members of parliament.
 No one could complain to the king about Prince Nazmar's love for them, and no one loved them, because the rich became poor and some became orphans.
         Every time the king heard that Prince Nazman was in trouble, he stepped up security measures to prevent them from leaving the palace.

 When King Siyamul Ansar and his soldiers left the city gate, they saw many birds.
 These birds once had the body of a lion, but they had the head of a camel, and they had six legs and were at least as big as a camel.
 Each of them resembles an elephant, their wings are huge and they have some kind of hair that looks like a sword.
 In this stormy moment, it is not the little hero who steals these bugs, but he will be sad and regret that he appeared in front of the earth and even the birds.
 About a thousand birds attacked King Siyamul Ansar, and then when King Siyamul Ansar's troops attacked the birds, they let go of their wings and landed in the air.
 Then they fell down, many of them didn't know how to use a knife, they peed on their pants, they tried to go back, but King Siyamul Ansar yelled at them
 They stood still, trembling, and the king himself, Siyamul Ansar, was afraid, and they were also afraid.
         In his mind, because he had never seen or heard of such a large and terrifying bird.
As they did, the horses were absent, they stopped, dropped their riders, and because of a severe depression they went into the forest.
           As for Prince Nazmar, when the birds followed and entered the city, they went straight to their positions and fell asleep.
Nothing happened to them, they just surprised the royal maid of honor
Aroused in their hearts, are they the princes of Nazma, not demons?
As for their mother, her mind became numb and she couldn't stand or sit
She just kept walking back and forth with tears welling from her eyes.
             King Siamur responded to the flock of birds when they started to look at each other, so that no one tried to attack his enemy.
For a moment, all the warriors around were in awe, and even King Siamur Ansar himself was more thoughtful than anyone else. 
Five hundred arrows were shot at the bird, and the bird stood there motionless. 
              Birds kill millions of soldiers like flies eat mango balls, birds are everywhere and they are nothing more than cheering on armies all over the world, firing their friends or destroying them with these damn hairs on their wings Their sisters are very perceptive. 
             In a short while, the outside was filled with shouts of men, the sound of heavy metal, the stopping of the horse, and the death of the dowry. 
It lasted for several hours, and the two sides tortured each other until half an hour. King Siyamul Ansar failed to kill any of them. 
           In birds, except you see a bird open its mouth and spit fire into the fire, but you immediately see the fire and its horses on fire, its body parts soldiers fly in the sky dusty and fall like a storm , which is called the rain of angels. 
 Death is there, flying in the sky, horses chained, and throwing the rider's head wherever a bird advances, but you can see troops falling down dead, like cotton fields being mowed. Heat resistant and brave. When he saw his troops destroyed, he rushed to his father's side in frustration. In the heat of the flesh, it was burned into a pit as the fire was poured on the ground. He opened his hands intending to peel off his skin and parts of his body. 
             It happened so hard that King Siyamul Ansar started looking for the dead body of the bird because now his sword started affecting the bird and now his sword managed to cut the bird's body where the sword cut the bird's body but bled. The mage Zurval tried his best to fight the birds, but nothing could stop him, because the magic power had no effect on the birds, but the power of the original force was tight, and they were covered in thick blood, mixed in On the ground, invisible.
            During this battle, the bird managed to cut King Siyamul Ansar's thigh with its claws, causing a huge wound.
           He didn't know when he stopped his father's shouting, let the sword in his hand flash in the heat of flesh, jumped up from where he was shot by the bow, hit the bird's neck, and grabbed the bird's head with both hands , twisting desperately.

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