Zoben Sihiri book 1 Adventure novels writing by king of adventure story

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Date 31 MAR 2023
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Tages Adventure 

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        The competition field is full of people, men, women, children and adults, including high-ranking officials and rich people from all over the world. Wherever one looks, the heads of humanity are scattered like an endless stream of speculation. 
   Everything in the area is made according to the order of the kings, the seats of the poor, the HEROES are different, and every corner is full of soldiers ready to go into battle to ensure security.
      For two hundred and ten seconds he was in this state. Suddenly! Then there was the sound of the trumpets and the beating of the stamps, and soon the king and his team entered the arena.
But the people saluted him and stood up to pay respect to him. Even the king and his entourage sat on their seats after everyone had finished saluting and the field was quiet as if death had come to visit and the king of war stood up. 
He stood up and corrected his voice and faced the community and said "on behalf of His Highness the king, I welcome all the participants of this blessed meeting, as it is known that after every twenty years the mayor of this city of Zawatul-Sharmal is elected. The one who is the chief member of the king's council and the heir-apparent, according to the plan, each tribe will give one person to compete in the BAZINTA COMPETITION to test their luck, as long as he fulfills the rules and regulations of the competition.
Now without wasting time I will read the rules and regulations of the competition;
But when the king of war finished saying that, he put his hand in his shirt pocket and took out a piece of leather and untied it and said that "the competition system has ensured that heroes from different tribes will be brought together.
Defeat him, he will be the new mayor of Zawatul-Sharmal.
The rules of competition are as follows:- it is not allowed to hurt each other to the point of losing life.
It is a crime to use a magic program to get success.
 It is not allowed for any tribe to pat its hero during the competition.
 And all the decisions made by the competition judges are final.
 These are the rules and regulations of the competition, now without wasting time, we will start calling the names of the first heroes who will compete.
 But hearing the names of the heroes, the arena was confused with the chanting of each tribe calling out to the hero until the sparrows stood up from their seats and went to enter the arena and the field became silent as if death had come to visit.
   Another thing that has caught the attention of the people is that for more than fifty years, Banu-Nassar have moved away from participating in this competition because of the lack of success and brave heroes.
 History has confirmed that they are the origin of the royal bloodline of Zawatul-Sharmal monkey.
        When the TWO HEROES entered the battlefield, one of the warriors took out a long horn from his bed and put it in his mouth and blew it loudly. a huge barrel.
As if the SADAUKI were united, they attacked each other and were crushed by the tortures of the battle, which was extremely brave and terrible.
The two champions are fighting in endurance and bravery in front of comparison.
After two hundred seconds of fighting, there was no victory for either party.
In the midst of this battle, the hero Rabbaz suddenly attacked the hero Sharifat and punched her in the face. Due to the force of the punch, she jumped up as if she was being pulled by a team, and then she fell down! Her nose was bleeding, and her breathing started to become labored.
Even after getting this victory, Rabbaz burst out laughing and went to where Sharifat was lying.
The matter that put pity and frustration in the hearts of the people of Banu-Nassar tribe began to shed tears of sadness and call the name of Sharifat.
Who is the leader of this city and what is the history of the existence of their tribe.
The reason for that is :-

  More than two thousand years ago, a small city called Zawatul-Sharmal was built on the shores of Baharul-Sufy sea.
 The city of Zawatul-Sharmal has flourished in agriculture, breeding as well as the economic strength of the community.
 The king who holds the kingdom of the city is called Razbal ibn Kaulat.
 King Rabzan was a WARRIOR HERO with great charisma and wealth.

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