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         The female prisoner had fought against President Yesiran under the Baharul-sawara sea when she managed to cut off one of President Yesiran's hands.
        He managed to injure her badly,
 One is on the bed behind her, the second is on her lap, and the third is on her left arm.
 She passed out due to the flood of blood pouring into her body and floated to the surface.
        She carried the waves on with her on the surface of the sea, and for a long time the waves followed her, until she brought her to the sea, from west to south,
Just then, a hunter and his wife came to the seashore with a bucket of water.
          When they found the girl lying unconscious on the ground, with no signs of life due to the large wound on her body, they moved towards where she was lying in shock.
 The two of them didn't waste time, took the bucket in their hands,
 The hunter took a girl and put her on his shoulders
 They turned hastily toward the road that meets the forest from which they came
 This is how President Yesiran fought with captive girls under the Baharul-sawara sea.
 In the case of President Yesiran, when he left the palace of King Uhaisu with Nabihat,
 Then he went straight to the road that met the city jail,
 The soldiers followed him and escorted him, and when they arrived, the soldiers guarding the prison looked at the closed entrance.
 They are feuding with President Yesran, from prison, a whole city was destroyed and rebuilt.
 The walls are very high and made of pure flint.
Looking around, in Bayi Prison, men, women and children are engaged in slave labor in different ways.
 Some of them are breaking flint with sledgehammers,
Some sew horse ornaments and royal clothes,
 However, as soon as President Ye Siran entered the prison, all their servants knelt down and saluted.
In a hurry, the leader in charge of the prison received them, and the hero Nabihat ordered their people to be divided into special rooms.
 Then, the slaves in the prison saw that they were admitted by the actor Nabi Hart in the part of DEATH SLAVERY.

 They felt very sorry for them, because everyone who was brought here did not come out alive, but his dead body was brought out.

 When the people of Nabihat found themselves in this dark room, they wept aloud with unending grief.
  •  When this hunter and his wife took a young girl from the sea of ​​Baharul-sawara, they continued walking in the forest.
  •  After walking for only a few seconds, they reached a house in the forest.
  •  The house was built of flint, and when the hunter arrived, he opened the door of the house,
  •  Inside the house is a beautiful structure that contains two rooms and a surrounding, with a flat area with pens for animals and a cow grazing in a metal bowl.
  •  The two immediately entered a room, and the woman quickly put the girl on a straight wooden bed covered with a soft carpet.
  •  After soothing her to sleep, she went in and gently pressed her lower abdomen, and the water flowed out of her mouth.
 As for the hunter, he returned shortly after he left the room with boiling water and filtered milk in it, and a leather bag in his other hand.
He went straight in, took some medicine out of the bag, put it in a box.
 An hour passed, and she still hadn't recovered from her deep sleep.
                Then she opened her eyes and they were filled with great joy at the resurrection of a girl who had lost her life, a lost woman.
 she went in to heal her wounds
 After speaking, she sat down and went in to drink the milk.
 When she was full, the woman went in and took the medicine prepared by the master in the bag.
                 The hunter looked at his wife and said with compassion on his face: "My brother's mother, I am very happy to announce that the girl we found will definitely replace our pain of losing our daughter."
 My body feels that this girl will be the one to take revenge on King Shamsi,
 But when she heard her master's words, she was very happy and said, "You are right, I hope that signs of our success have already begun to appear."
                 Said the hunter: "I went into the forest for a while, because I hunted something for us to eat, and took care of her until I went back.
 After speaking, he left the room as soon as he got up, and saw his wife throwing some innocent gestures at each other.
               Within a few seconds, Mrs. Hunter, who was sitting in front of the house, closed her eyes, only to hear footsteps, a terrifying sound that almost made her deaf.
 But when she heard this, she just picked up a sword from the side of the bed, straightened it, and led it to the door of the house.
                   When she came out, there were forty of them, some of them like a group of monkeys, about two hundred
 Bilan people are tall, tall, handsome, and ugly,
 In their hands I carry such a hug.
 They're that thing in his body, like a rope.
                      It is a Turkish country adorned with various beauty products and luxuries of worldly life.
 To know that everything in turkish is made of pure metals, jewels and rubies, some of them are like bright lights that add beauty to turkish,
 You stop to relax your mind by looking at the beauty and beauty of the tree, but only what the eyes see,
At this time of night, there was nothing in the cage except the barking and barking of dogs.
                If the viewer looks in the middle, he will see a man in a dirty shirt and trousers, like a rich man walking up and down, just like the one did to the king of Caria.
It was none other than King Wuhaisu. At this time, the foreigner did not let Wuhaisu sleep, but thought of the request of his son, the prince, and asked him to entrust him to be their guardian Nabihat.
 Anya, didn't the prince say that he should be given the power to take care of them because he has fallen in love with Nabihat in his heart?
Now, if he ignores the strong love between them, he will be able to execute them, Nabihat, because the presence of idols has shown him that they will end his tyranny from the ground.
                   When he thought of King
Wuhaisu, his mind was more confused than ever
This is what happens to him when he thinks of an idea that makes him happy.
               The idea is that he orders Yesiran's victims to take them to Nabihat to the DEATH SLAVERY part of the prison.
 Of course starvation will be their death,
            This is what happened after King Wuhaisu left the palace, he met his son Prince Tafiar,

                  Eyes flicked for a moment between the hunter's wife's kilimat and the birran's caravan.
                 From there the monkeys made such a terrible noise that all the creatures in the forest were terrified, and the trees fell to the ground,
            One of the Birans, who seemed to be their leader, shouted at them to attack Kirimat.
                As for them, they seized her head with the hooks in their hands, and cried out in terror,
As for the leader of the birran, he found a broad little stone and sat on it, with his legs crossed and his eyes squinting to see what he was about to sing.
                Seeing it, Ji Limat raised her sword across the air and ran towards the top of the mountain. She uttered a horrible scream, and she went up to meet him with one knife at a time.
 The monkeys got into her head and beat her violently with their fangs.
Every time the Kirimat sword fell on a bear it felt like a rock had been chopped off because they didn't do anything.
That's what really bothered her so she changed her fighting style
She cut them down with her sword, and kicked and punched with her other hand, with all her might,
The truth from the speaker, "If the music changes, the dance changes too, so I think the kilimat wins over the birran, because whoever misses the punch, the chicken will scream and fall, yes!
           But Kilimat understands that power is more effective against Birran, so she just throws the sword
She started using both hands and legs, and no matter where she put it, she saw the dead bird fall to the ground.

Author Sarkin Marubutan Yaki
Uploader Mrs Littafan Yaki
Image Credit Sufi Graphic
Size 123
File TXT
Date 18 MAR 2023
Group Zauren Sufi Novels
Tages Adventure

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