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Author Mansur Usman Sufi
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When this woman ran to where Suhaimat and her baby were lying, when she saw the situation she was in, she ran to the mouth of a stream and took water in her mouth and returned to where Suhaimat was and splashed the water on her face.
It was hard for Suhaimat to take a deep breath and release her heavy heart, her eyes opened and she woke up from her sleep, she just sat up.
When she was about 40 years old, Razana stepped back, carrying her baby and cradling her on her chest.
But when Suhaimat saw the situation she was in, she turned around and ran into the cave in the forest.
In great joy, Suhaimat stood up and went to the river and bathed her baby, she also cleaned the dirt on her body.
Then she came back under a tree and sat down in the trash with the baby's breast while stroking her hair, her heart was full of unspeakable joy.
And she asked herself in her mind saying,
Who killed these tricks? Or not
This is a joke.
The answer to the question that she couldn't give herself was, she was in this state and the woman came back to her mouth and held a leather bag, which she placed in front of her.
Surprisingly, this time, Suhaimat was not at all afraid of seeing the lions.
She did not fear anything, Suhaimat took this leather bag and opened it.
And then the window, are there any kinds of vegetables in it,
Their relatives are bananas and grapes, she just started eating the fruits until she was full.
Then she broke the coconut and drank the water inside her,
Zakanyar was standing on one side as if waiting for orders,
Then Suhaimat noticed that there were traces of blood on the body of the woman and she understood that she was the one who killed these soldiers to save her and her baby's life.

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When the demon ZAARATUN-LAYAL came right here in the story of HlKAYAR DUNIYA and he was giving a girl Shuraiba, he closed his mouth and kept quiet.
Al, the incident made the girl Shuraiba look at him with signs of concern and said, "You are a scholar of WORLD HISTORY, why are you interrupting this good news for me? I really want to know what kind of life Suhaimat and her baby girl will have in the future, and what is the reason for this?" that he left her from their city?
What is the reason why the forces are hunting suhaimat,
But after hearing these questions, the demon ZA'ARATUN-LAYAL burst out laughing and looked at the Shuraiba girl and said, "Didn't you see Shuraiba until the dawn broke?"
But after hearing this matter, Shuraiba girl was surprised,
And then she stood up to start preparing as King Lazwar explained to them.
This is what happened at the Shuraiba girl's hostel.
As he sang in the house of the girl Shuraiba, the same happened in the house of King Lazwar and Princess Mashlira.
Where Princess Mashlira interrupts the story of the sorcerer Sahibul-ukub and the father of the king Zammar she is giving to the king Lazwar
Because of seeing the breaking of dawn in the sky.
As for Imran's accommodation,
When he saw that the dawn was approaching, he performed ablution and went to pray the Fajr prayer.
After this, the morning prayer is performed.
When Hadima Khadijat came back,
When the sun rose and it was bright, Hadima gave the order and each of them was taken to the bath water
After everyone cleaned his body, everyone was given something to eat and put in his stomach.
From there, everyone rushed to the city to manage what they had brought.
This is what happened to Sarki Lazwar when they were taken to the lodge.



May peace and grace be upon you, this precious page has traveled to a new world to introduce you to a new book that contains surprising things, namely THE END OF CRUELTY from the literary writer and the hero of the author of books of heroism and love, Mansur Usman Sufi, one of the known in the Arewa Authors Forum group.

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