Auren Kiyayya new series book 2023 Hausa Novels by Nana khadi

There is a big luxury house where my women go in and out. You can see the floor of the house.  
The amount of money spent on the building was built, so that I could walk in here one day.  
I went into the room, everyone was busy and everyone was doing their best. 
I was looking at Anna and I was looking at the bride. I was looking at her.  
She was crying as if her soul was weak. I was looking at her.  
They were talking about it and left the room, and then I looked at her again.  worry about her..
 A woman who will not be more than 45 years old, in a red and black material, came to the place where she was lying, crying in a cold voice, showing care and concern.  
Your marriage with Salkhan should embrace your destiny and kill your soul. 
Be patient. Embrace your husband and live with me.
 Father Samha is a good example for you, even if you were not born.  
Even now, do you remember that you told me that I don't love him, but we talked about you, you are also a prostitute, and my cousin is your cousin, but you don't like him, you don't know if you are rewarded, you will marry him.  
Since the woman was talking, she raised her head and said to her, "Don't worry, I don't care. I heard her words as if it was a ghastly thing, and it was sent to her heart. She straightened up, even though she was talking, she was going to leave the group, but she said that she was not strong enough."  
why did she come back and fight back on the bed.
While talking she said that you are not like her at all, you worry too much about yourself, you can stand up and kill yourself, marriage is not a robbery..
They said in a small voice, "Oh my God, this is a kind of injustice. 
How many years have I been with Mainah and now she is just a stranger and I don't know that I will be blessed with my father who is still alive and she is not coming here." 
She got up from her mother's house and ran into the toilet.... 
She went to wash her hands and opened the panpoo. 
She found the water running and sprinkling her face.  
She looked at her with a smile that fell with some warm tears on her face and she was saying... 
"I'm Khadija, I don't live with Salkhan. 
This is a promise I made to myself.  
let's go see her and her family...





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