Gidan Mata Hudu Compelet Novel by Nabilancey love

Uploader Mrs Littafan Yaki
Size 375
File TXT
Date 18 MAR 2023
Group Kainuwa Writers Association
Tages Romantic

house of four women
new book series
Author writing
Nabilancey love 

 9:00 p.m. alarm clock. He woke her up from her sleep, and slowly lifted the quilt covering her until her head stretched out and she yawned. 
The whole room was pitch black, and she couldn't see anything.
 She sat up, Sitting like that for a while until the sleep she was doing woke her up. 
Before getting out of bed, she walked to the door of the bedroom, where there was a fire, and the room was brightly lit, and her fingers could touch it, and everything came from the sky-green room. 
She got up 3 minutes ago, gathered her shoulder-length hair and tied it with a tail. Fifteen minutes later, she took a shower, stood in front of the vanity mirror, looked at herself, then took a shower and dried her hair. 
Afa expensive lotion, after applying powder, she just put lipstick on her pretty face and on her tiny lips. 
 Painted red with a rope, stood in front of the mirror, re-tied, re-fixed, sprayed with hairspray to make the hair shiny, smelled of actors all over, sweet and cold, giant Libom with green hair hair, cloth with Wizy Bags on her body, she picked one up, stood in front of the bed, opened the drawer, put a lot of money in the bag, her phone was on top of the drawer and put it in the bag before picking up the car keys, She walked away, went downstairs, she didn't care about the dark or where I was, so she went to the living room of the house compound, her car was parked, she got up and left the house quickly, because it was night, the car started to take off, she She ran like flying, or she wouldn't have heard it, the phone rang, she reached into her bag, pecked at the game phone on her ear, and before she could speak, Ramsey was already very suitable
 "Who are you baby? Where did I hear you have been silent until now?".


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