Taurari Biyu Compelet Free Novels by Fatima Suleiman Jajira

He was driving calmly on the road and the two of them in the car were wearing soldiers' uniforms. 
It looks like they are soldiers. He approached him and said, "Sultan told her to go home this weekend because we are leaving soon, don't let Ammi get angry."
 "That's right, Muktar, I want to come and see my baby when she grows up.
       The Sultan laughed and said, "I will be a husband like you."
The Sultan opened his eyes and said, "Oh my God, my face fell before me and you stopped me from walking." enter
        They entered the game parlor of the house and sat down
After a while, a beautiful lady came out with drinks in her hand in front of them.
         She smiled and said, "Ah, Sultan Soyaya, she has never been shy. I love you, but you wear a small hat.!" 
He raised his hand to her and said, "I want to tell you who I am going to marry, but you don't understand." "Baby and any other kind of woman don't call me like that"
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  Samha was interrupted by the arrival of Hajija from what she was going to say
 Mikewa said to Samha, Hajiya said, "Hey, I'm working in Lantana, are you coming to fetch water for them?" She was silent, shaking her head, Hajiya said, "Hmmm, go kill people" and quickly left the parlor.

 Hajiya sat down and greeted her and she answered cheerfully and said, "Sultan, son of God, you have only left the soul of the Shiraman Samha, your youth is nothing." "You will call me" "Tom Muktar, hello, and how are you two, my friend, do you know if you are going to see another woman?" she said in a teasing way, they both laughed. 
 The Sultan gave him a kiss
 jokingly and laughing, they went to Hajiya in peace and left the house.

 She was sitting with a book in her hand and reading
 When she heard everything, she was shocked, she got up, aunty said, "No, Baby, you don't have dignity, you know Ayman is crying, but you can't pick him up, right?" Baby stood up and picked up Ayman, shaking him until he was quiet

Author Fatima S Umar Jajira
Uploader littafan yaki
Image Credit Sufi Graphic
Size 647kb
File TXT
Date 24 MARCH 2023
Group Zauren Marubutan hausa
Tages Romantic

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