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Author Maji daɗin Kainuwa
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Date 18 MAR 2023
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 SO's Poison
 new book series
 romance novel
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 Mariam Maggie Duddy

 What are you doing here, Jannat, come over to me and say," Mom said, waving her arms.

 She grabbed the cloth and let go of the box in her hand, not daring to go in front of Mummy, and her eyes were full of tears before she reached Mummy.

 Papa's greeting interrupted her, she was about to do something, when he ran into the room and watched Jannat back away for a moment in fear.
 He sits in a royal chair that adorns the living room with the words "Mum Zone".
 As if she was waiting, she ran and kissed him lightly, hugged him tightly, and his eyes returned to Mommy, staring at the Kingdom of God.
 "Why don't you understand what I'm telling you?" Dad asked her a question she hadn't expected.

 Karasowa approached him, a woman who could not fail for 42 years, sat across from him, moved away and said, "Daddy, you understand the danger of what I tell you, Jannat is a young girl, life teaches Her time is coming to an end now, Kajifa has no other job besides music and music, she is 12 years old, but until now she is writing a song of her own composition and she has no homework".
 "Enough mom, don't tell me about her as a kid, you thought she was 12, I don't want you to worry, she'll stop, I'll do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn't have to worry about finals." No sign of joking

 Mommy, you didn't see this kind of thing started, so she said, "I'm sorry, God forbid, it won't happen again".
Who is Jannat?
 Alhaji Abdullahi and Hajiya Aysha are the parents of Jannat whose original name is Maryam, Alhaji Abdullahi is a changed man who has a lot of wealth. Under the care of their son, wife Hajiya Aysha, their four children, three boys and a girl, Sagir is his eldest son Sulaiman, Sai Sawam and their sister Maryam, also known as Jannat, named after her grandmother Alhaji Abdullahi. Jannat appreciates what she wants to do since she was 6 years old, she doesn't have a job but sings and music, all Daj's songs will be mixed with her. , according to him, she would stop when she grew up, and his sadness in the house would be touched, that year she was 11 years old, she met Ashman, Ashman encouraged her to love music, his love made her It was hard to get in. With her heart, she loved Ashman, so she gave him all the favors.

 story progression

 She got her black jeans and white shirt ready, covered herself with a little veil, then sprayed her perfume on herself, ran out of the house like a hypocrite, went straight to the gate, and gave the money to Barra. The guard opened the door for her, and she ran out, raising her hand to touch the hood. He stops and she goes in and tells him where she's going.
 Ashman sat there, in boxers and a tank top, waiting for her to come in, and she blinked as she entered, stood up and turned her back. Wanda herself, whatever she is, her age has read the data and can decipher it, but it seems like every time Ashman holds her hand or she sees him, she doesn't know what it is.

 He just smiled, walked to where she was, and hugged her back, "Janna, why don't you trust me even though you don't love me?" He asked her a question.

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