Matar Bahaushe new latest series book hausa novels by Mrs basakkwace

Author Mrs Basakkwace
Uplordar Mrs littafanyaki
Size 268kb
File TXT
Date modified 20 mar 2023
Group Mujallar Marubuta

 Hi Alhaji Yawwa, hello fella, "what's wrong with the car?" Well, a flat tire and I don't have a spare. 
 "Subhanallahi" Aikuwa put a spare wheel on the back seat of my car and went around to get it. 
 Go a little further, and the editor will come and fix it for you. Well done, Dad said as he went on. 
From a safe year, Dad stopped. 
20 minutes later, the man and two are back, put on the tires, and you're done. Thank you so much, boy. I heard that my friend is getting married, so I'm planning to go too. 
We each got into our own cars and started on the road. Just finished the wedding, Thursday. 
Al'ameen Sarakee, he's got safety and security, he's given him a supplementary card. "Here's my business card, pick me up at the office tomorrow." 
Thank you and may God see me... 
Did Ammii go to that house? "It's okay, Ammii said she followed you to the room after Alhaji. 
After 3 hours, Shukra came and said that your dad wanted to talk to you. 
So Ammii Shukra said she was going to get up from the bed. 
After saying goodbye, she entered the room , greeted her obediently. 
Her father responded and began to speak. 
He came to Chen's father, corrected his voice, and began to speak in a hk tone, "Thank you, I want you to listen carefully, 
Think about what I said to you commands rather than advice. In Shukla's presence, he started typing quickly, and what Dad said to her, "You lied to me, he interrupted her thoughts. Rolled her eyes. 
Alhaji Husband said, "Okay, Husband, this is good for us what good? yes i hear you say some things are impossible He pretended to be nonchalant, 
Sorted out the things in the closet, and then came out into the kitchen. 
 His head and heart came out. He felt a pain in his room. Directly, 
Hadiza Balangu from Sultan Road near Sarki went to get food and tea, he just came out in front of the car, and saw a young girl standing there, "Malama, don't move", 
She slowly raised her head and looked at him, She turned her head for him to encourage her, she said, "Son of God, Alhaji, please give us food, my brother, God bless, we have not been hungry since the morning, we are not hungry, we will die", he Look away. He looked at the young woman in amazement, 
Where were her parents, father and mother, she went to find out what they eat at half past nine, and he barely opened his mouth and said, "Are you talking to your parents?", She said, "I got it" and he said, "Well, why did you come to me?" She smiled and looked at her like he was going to explode because of her sadness. 
 She said, "Don't worry about who I am, ask me if you feel anything. 
My brother Mahafuz was there crying Munnayah or she had to sleep because she was hungry, 
pity the girl when he heard her holding him to a happy woman , 
When she humiliated her father's blessing, he turned and went to get them food for her, her body was shaking, she said, God bless you, God give you what you want, God give you good children and wife. 
Good morning, 
God bless your life thank you he couldn't move and finally stared at me because he never heard Haneefa pray let alone a little girl who can pray he opened his mouth slowly and said you?, she said, "I also thank our expert mukhtar from Attahiru road malali", Gwalalo looked at the expert with wide eyes in surprise she called mukhtar, poor like this student of my daughter!

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