Jarumai New series book Compelet Novel writing by Ummu Dahira

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Date 20 MAR 2023
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The six of them are walking in the black forest where you can't see the end of it, you have to spend days around the forest without going out, it is a forest that is more dangerous than human imagination, all There are many disasters, there are wild beasts, monsters, and even demons, there are different types, but they walk through the forest without being afraid. 

   He is about 33 years old, he is very tall, he has a thick body, he has very light skin, but you can't call him white, he wears royal clothes, a long knee-length blue shirt on his body with yellow stripes, then yellow pants and a hat, the clothes are decorated with glitter, when you see the bottom, it is the royal blood SBD, the way he walks with pride, you will understand that. Prince Salim can't even hold a sword in the name of war, even though he comes from a royal family, except in the field of hand boxing, no one seems to be able to test him, he is very skilled in this field, because you will be surprised how he twists the people to their number.
 *MARIA* and *RALIYA*    
  They are twins, their age should not be less than 25yrs, they look the same except for the difference in the skin that separates them, they are tall but they have no body, Maria started to cry while Raliya was filled with light. 
not much, she has dark skin. They wear the same long and short-sleeved dresses, except that Maria's is black and white with coffee stripes, and Raliya's is green and white. 
It's the same net, each of them is holding a long metal rod. They are very skilled in fighting, their whole town is not 
 like them, you will be surprised how they control the iron rod when they are boxing, and they have no fear at all when they face the danger. 

        About 35 years old, a warrior who has never been seen before in this century, he can kill a thousand fighters in a day without getting tired, he is very white and he is standing and calling Samudawa, When you see him, he is not a small male warrior, he is wearing his war clothes, he has no hat except for his black hair. on the rope that he tied his long shoes, and then he hung the blade of the sword in its bow.

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