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Aisha Garkuwa
Garkuwar Fulani

JEWS! The capital of Cameroon.
 Inside a beautiful FULANI rug with a lot of world resources.
 But God blesses Rugar Ardo Babayo, special blessings, the enemies of the Fulani people of Cameroon.
 One Friday afternoon, the herdsman came back home while I was at the gate. Cattle, sheep, camels and goats choose to go to the herd of their owner because every animal is born from its own mother.
  The Ardo Babayo herd is one of the most unique herds in Africa.
 He has shepherds at least forty people.

 The town has started to get dark, I know the signs of the cold monsoon weather that is here, it's green, you can see the plants and you can see the waves and the beautiful Babayo rug.

 Some elders are sitting under a cedar tree at the entrance of Ardo Babayo's house. Farin dottijon, who is full of atoms and walking around, is sitting in the middle of them.
 On his right side is a big man who is full of energy and full of heart for a collection of symbols of humanity and full of faith and virtue, apparently they are discussing about the things that affect their lives.
 Ardo Babayo quickly raised his head and looked to his right, where he saw four young men following the giant Boleru. following him, who will be 11 years old, except for the youngest of them, who is not less than 9 years old, they run very fast with their strength and they push the Boleru bird in front of it, which is unable to fly, but it runs with two legs, according to all the signs, the bird has an old belly. bulk.
 The speed that she runs is the speed that saves her life.

Name :- Garkuwa 
Writer :- Garkuwar Fulani 
Uplodar:- Mrs littafanyaki 
Date modified:-15 February 2023
Group:- majalisar marubuta Ebook compiler :- mrs littafanyaki 
Price:- Free book
Story:- creative
File Type:- TXT
Size :- 258kb
Image Credit:- Mansur Usman Sufi 
Source:- littafanyaki 
Tages:- Romantic 


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