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The case of king Madsur and his team, when they left Fitinatul-Amir's palace, Madsur recited the spell and disappeared! As if they never existed, they did not appear anywhere except in the Madsur palace in the capital of Hairul-Maswat,

 The palace was filled with all kinds of worldly pleasures, at this time the palace was full of people, musicians, musicians and everyone who spoke loudly, when the king sat on the throne and then Some of them, like maidservants, came into the palace carrying all kinds of snacks and cakes and distributed them to the people, and the people began to eat them in fun and excitement, music and the inevitable.

Began their work of dancing and music to add entertainment to the community, the King Madsur himself got up from the throne and took off his cloak and sat among the members of the council and entered the party singing and clapping, many Among the people in the palace, they did not know the reason why this celebration was organized, because for years King Madsur has been in need from the evil of Fitinatul-Amir but he has never been as happy as today. 

It was during this celebration that King Madsur received a cup containing alcohol in the hands of a servant He reached his mouth to drink the water, but it was seen that he threw the cup and it fell to the ground and shattered. , 

for thirty seconds he was screaming and then his mouth was closed and his face was twisted as if he had been sent a DEATH LETTER. 

He then went to where the throne of power is and turned to face the people. 

 A voice said, "O my people, you should know that this misfortune has caused me nothing but the destruction of all my plans to acquire the wealth of Fitinatul-Amir, the leader of the pirates of the world, and no one has broadcast my plan." 

 It is nothing but a child with the seal of SAIFUL-ZAYYAD's sword, the child's pressure is with Fitinatul-Amir, we will never win against him, and the child will become a plague of kings and sorcerers including the world's sorcerers, but alas! It was night and night and he did it on himself. 

Fitinatul-Amir did not know that the child was a plague for him because he had been hunting day and night to destroy him or to fulfill his desire to find an heir.

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When the world is developing from generation to generation year to year.

Change is coming to every living creature on earth, even human, demon and animal. 

Change came to the world during the reign of King Sha'aban by destroying all oppression and bringing peace and stability, but some people are not happy because their honor and glory is low, 

But the What they forget is that truth and lies are never in the same place but the truth prevails.

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