Takobin Daukaka book 1 by Sarkin Marubuta Sufi

Takobin Daukaka book 1
Writing by Author
King of adventure story

          After the introduction of the king Hulbaru of the city of Misra, there was a great queen who was called lasmirat bintu kazmal.
 Lasmirat was beautiful beyond all comparisons and of great beauty, a woman as fat as men, sweet and famous and a rich woman who was only in the field of knowledge of magic.
          In the entire continent, there is no country with an economic power like hers
 Time and time again, the great kings of the world attack Lasmirat in order to invade the land and take possession of it as a wife, but things fail, because every time there is a war, the kings lose their fighting forces and a lot of wealth.
They withdrew their intention.

  •  When Queen Lasmirat began to desire a son, she conducted research based on the presence of her idols to find the right man to marry.
  •  What the research confirmed for her is that the husband she will marry is the poorest person in the world.
  •  The research confirmed to her that she was pressured to marry a man without him until she collected spit from him and she will lose everything she owns in the world.
  •  When Queen Lasmirat saw this matter in the presence of her deity, she was filled with many guests and was very upset.
  •  Taya will say that the queen is like me if I married the poorest person in the world, after saying that the most powerful prince has the power and wealth in this entire continent.
Of course, this lowers my honor and value in the eyes of other kings of the world
And if I marry a poor man, my wealth and power will be under his control.
When queen lasmirat came here in her mind, her mind was dulled more than ever and she lost what made her happy,
At this time lasmirat was sitting on a low chair but she stood up and went back inside her turk.
Finally, Lasmirat decided to visit a sorceress who lives in a town bordering Egypt.

  •  When Queen Lasmirat arrived at the house of the sorceress Dayyubul-Barmas, she was alone with him in his closet
  •  She immediately took the story of what she saw in the presence of her idol and described the sorceress Dayyubul-Barmas from the beginning to the end, and she said that
  •  He is the greatest soothsayer in the presence of idols. You know that my biggest dream is to marry the richest man in the world and I have the dream of living for two thousand years so that I can live longer than all the kings of the world on the throne.
  •  When the sorcerer Dayyubul-Barmas heard the request coming from Queen Lasmirat, he considered the matter in his heart.
  •  He didn't say a word for forty seconds, but then he looked at Lasmirat and corrected his voice and said, "O queen of the world, you should know that you have really treated me with a serious matter."
       Indeed, you did not have the wisdom to explain the need to me because it is the knowledge of the divine river, no matter how deep you are in it, you will not be able to take away what is in it.
      And the people who can speak say that what the Elder sees a child or steps on the ladder may not see, what research has confirmed to me is what your explanation is.
 If you want to be the king more than anyone else and marry the man with the most money in the world, you must possess three things in order to be successful in obtaining the water of the sorceress Daryalu.
     First of all, the water of the Maul-Hayatou river will be found,
And some of the idols kept in the ghost cave in the Arab region in a forest called Husumul-kadar
The last thing is the cup of miftahul-daryal,
       It is that water that we will use when we enter a forest before we reach the Daryalu Takr river, the water will protect us from some disasters in the forest.
 And they are the ones we will use when we enter Daryalu's witch house, the first group to put them in our hands.
       Because there is no way for a person to enter the house without carrying these magic keys,
 Kubar Miftahul-Daryal will be used to open Daryalu's house
 If we managed to get water from the Kinsha river, that's why you can't marry the poorest person in the world.
        When the sorceress Dayyubul-Barmas came to his senses, the mind of the queen of Lasmirat was disturbed.
 She looked at him with signs of deep concern and said, "O king of witches, do you want me to take possession of these things before the end of my life?"
  •  But after hearing this question, Dayyubul-Barmas burst out laughing and frowned as if he had been sent a message of death.
  •  And finally he burst into tears.
  •  This is the incident that surprised the queen of Lasmirat and he tied her head and she looked at him and said, "O father of sorcerers, what is the reason for this laughter and your crying?"

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Date 17 JUNE 2023

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