Goga sha fama book 1 by Sufi

Author Mansur Usman Sufi
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Date 8 mar 2023
Group Zauren Sufi Novels
Tages Adventure

        As Princess Hushriba had planned, the matter was as it should be, that is, since the early hours of the morning, the palace of King Shahzwan was filled with people, 
          Men and women, 
children and adults, and there was no shortage of people. Wherever a person looks, 
there is nothing to see but the heads of mankind in ruins, As if waiting for the arrival of King Shahzwan with his people, for two hundred seconds, 
       It was in this situation that suddenly there was the sound of a stamp and an algaita bush. 
 King Shahzwan was seen with the strange heroine Hushriba and a team of witches. 
       Immediately the palace was confused with shouting and cheering and everyone stood up from their seats to pay respect to the king, 
 As soon as the king and his entourage sat down in their seats, After the members of the council completed the greeting course, 
 Then King Shahzwan stood up from the throne and faced the people and the palace was quiet as if death had come to visit. 
 And then he opened his mouth in a loud voice and said, "First of all, I would like to welcome all those present in this blessed battle." 
          After that, I would like to express my condolences to the people of the country for the tragedy of the forest fire. 
 Dear people, you should know that I am happy to inform you that today I will go on a great journey to find a cure that will protect this city of ours from the evil manifestation of the KING OF SADAUKAI. 
           And I have good news for you, the strange heroine Hushriba will give you an important magic secret that will protect you from the evil of the forest fire until the time we come back from what they left. 
 When King Shazwan came here for the speech, the palace was once again confused with chanting for the second time and the people were filled with great joy. 
Without wasting time, King                             Shahzwan appointed Wazir Rufyan as his caliph. 
 After entering the palace, he said goodbye to his daughter, Princess Sulairat. 
          Then they came out to the battle, without wasting time, the heroine Hushriba opened her mouth and spoke to some of the idols. 
         For ten seconds, she was closing her mouth and suddenly a kind of green light appeared and entered the bodies of the people. In less than 100 seconds, he entered the body of any living being there, And then the light came back and healed the same place and rose to the sky and stood still, Then the hair gives off a kind of light like a lamp, Even after that, the king of sorcerers, Dargas, threw a ball at the demon Haulatul-infal, After a while, he appeared there and fell down to greet him. 
           In determination, King Shahzwan sat down on his head. 
 The witch king Dargas, the princess Hushriba, the war king with a team of five witches imitated him, In the act of sacrifice, the demon Haulatul-infal folded his wings and flew down into the clouds, 
From the time I saw them, they disappeared as if they had never existed.
          This is what happened to King Shazwan after their young man Hizmal managed to enter the safe house. 
          Turkey is one month after the other, now it is the great kings King Shahzwan of Zawatul-Ifdal, King Uslaim of Istanbul, Queen Abidatul-Auliya of Tehran, Queen Nuwairat of Garul-Mausul. The sorcerers of the world started hunting the blind boy Humair to meet the KING OF SADAUKAI Hibairu, Of course, hunting for these two things is like looking for a donkey with horns. --- 
 In the city of Rum in the western part of the world, there was a dead king called Baddadul-ulqas King Baddadul-ulqas was a giant of a giant called Samuda, a man of great bravery. 
            He flourished in magic spells and wealth, The magicians of the world and the soothsayers have confirmed that in this century there is no king who has the wealth of diamonds and gold as well as animals of pleasure. 
          Baddadul-ulqas was able to collect this wealth because of a bravery competition that was being organized in a city called madinatul-shaja'a meaning the city of yesterday's men. 
  •  King Baddadul-ulqas eats more than ten sukars in this competition because the warriors he brings to him are experienced in the battlefield. 
  • Every hero whose story of bravery is famous, then the king Baddadul-ulqas owns him either by buying him with a lot of wealth or by force. 
  •   Just because he put him in the competition of bravery, Every king who wins the competition is named as the GOGA SHA FAMA of the year. 
  •  One day King Baddadul-ulqas was sitting in his garden, 
  •  He is dressed in a royal style, sitting on a low chair and conducting research on the presence of his idol in the mirror of his idol.


 Suddenly he saw something that made him happy and confused his mind What makes him happy is that there is a hidden hero called Hibairu SARKIN SADAUKAI, 

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