Sarkin Sadaukai book 1 by Mansur Usman Sufi

Book 1 Compelet 
Rubuta Labari 
Book Sarkin Sadaukai
Author Mansur Usman Sufi
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Date 7 February 2022
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         More than two thousand and forty years ago, on the west coast of the Black Sea, there was a small city called Madinatul-Ifdal.
 The city of Madinatul-Ifdal flourished richly in farming, farming and trade, and they gathered an army of resilient warriors on the battlefield.
          The king who ruled the city was a valiant hero and a powerful warrior. He was not over fifty years old. He was nicknamed Shazwan ibn Zamaran.
 King Shazwan has one wife jal! who gave birth to a daughter named Sulairat, Princess Sulairat was a beautiful figure and the story of her beauty spread throughout the continent, she inherited her father Shazwan in charity and knowledge of magic,
          The people of Madinatul-Ifdal are living in peace and there is no violence but alas! There is one problem that plagues the pilgrims,
 This problem is the appearance of a WILD FIRE, which comes every six months, meaning it comes twice a year.
       The fire is coming from a forest bordering the city. Every time the epidemic appears it causes people to lose their lives and properties including the destruction of community buildings.
       Witches of the continent including researchers said that the FOREST FIRE appears as a result of some witchcraft, some say that it is caused by a witchcraft, meaning that there is no single correct opinion about the epidemic.
       When king Shazwan saw that this plague refused to eat and refused to eat and he visited the great magicians but there was no solution, he just decided to gather all his magicians and each of them went on a search for two weeks to find At the end of the day, on the day when the two weeks were over, the witches gathered in a secret room under the leadership of the head of the witches, an old man with charisma named Dargas ibn Aumal.
  • When King Shazwan saw that the meeting room was quiet, he only broke the silence by opening his mouth and corrected his voice and said, "Oh, these sorcerers, what are the results of your research? About the solution to what we are here for.
  •  But after hearing this matter, the sorcerers were silent, one looked at that, the other looked at this, and there was no one to say a word among them, then the king of sorcerers, Dargas ibn Aumal, stood up and faced the king and corrected his voice and corrected his grip. the cow in his hand said in a voice full of humanism
  •  "Dear President, the majority of researches have confirmed to us that there is no sorcerer or other evil spirits that cause wildfires, but a talented warrior with miracles.
  •  Currently, there is no HERO WARRIOR like him in the world of humans and demons.
         HUBAIRU lives in the forest, he has no friends to live with, he has calmed down demons and animals since he was a baby, his mother died after giving birth to him in the forest.
         This is the reason why his behavior is like that of animals, he is very brave because no matter how big a tree is, if he knocks it down, it will shake until its nerves fall to the ground, he can put a lion or a tiger on his shoulder and run away. five is not a tired fool, the matter of fighting no matter how strong the number of enemies in less than two hundred seconds is able to add to them,
        Another surprise for HIBAIRU is that his age is not more than seventeen,
FOREST FIRE appears when Hubairu is training a bird to fight.
         Just to protect the dignity of the animals in the forest so that they understand that they are his descendants because he has never seen any human in his life".
          When the leader of the witches, Dargas, came to answer him, King Shazwan was filled with great surprise and wonder
The witch leader continued to say
''Research has confirmed that the KING OF SADAUKAI will appear in this world, meaning he will enter among his fellow human beings when he completes the training of the bird and recites some of the magic spells on the body of a MAGIC RING worn on his hand. left,
            The number of secrets in the ring is the sum of the animals in the research forest. It is not clear when he will finish reading the secrets.
However, there is only one way to end the forest fire and that way is to find a person who has no mother or father.
          His blood will be used and poured into the worship well in the middle of this city.
           This is what the most CONVENIENT study has confirmed to us, Mr. President.


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